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This page features contributions made by racers' past and present with photos and a few words.
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January 2008 Ralph Remnant sent me this image of himself with Roly Caldecutt in the chair, I think this may be Darley Moor.
February 2008 Steve Allen sent me this picture of himself at Three Sisters taken by Ian Frankland, taken about 1984/85. Apparently Steve started racing 84/85 just as I retired.
August 2008 Stuart Day has kindly sent me this image of himself at Donnington in 2008, really nice action shot. It would appear Stuart also started racing at about the same time that I retired, 1984. Stuart started in group 6, but for the last four years has been competing in group 4; with some considerable success I notice.
Here's another three images from Stuart, first one is from Lydden 2006 with Ralph Saxelby in the chair. Second image is also from Lydden the same year. The last one was taken at Oulton Park 2008 with Stuart just in front of Charlie Edmonds.
August 2008 I was recently rather surprised but delighted to be contacted by Allan Hillman; for those of you that were racing in the 70's, 80's you will remember Allan not only for his activities on the track but also for the great work he did with LASCA organising many racing events back then with his wife Sylvia. As well as riding solo Allan also took the chair in Jenny Stevens Maico outfit, here they are at Darley Moor in 1979.
December 2012 Geoff Lowen has contacted me after stumbling across my web site and has kindly supplied some photos from 1978-79. I think the first two are at Lydden and the last image is at Donnington. I seem to remember Geoff bought a Group 6 Special from Dick Wilfang after Dick competed for the last time at the Festival of Speed in 1975 if my memory serves me well, (possibly not). Dick won Group 6 and the overall championship in 1974. I'm sure he had many other successes, however he retired about a year after I started. 
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