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This page provides an update to the restoration of my Lambretta GP200 with details of any changes and modifications since initial completion in February 2008. May 2008 - New Hydraulic Disc Brake After about 500 miles I decided to replace the 'remade' Lambretta style disc brake with an outboard hydraulic, this is a very nice unit bought from ScootRS in Vietnam and provides a much appreciated improvement in braking. When you buy from this company you need to be aware that on top of the cost of the item + freight, you will also most likely have to pay import duty.
October 2008 - Carburation At this point I have now completed about 1200 miles on the GP, so its well and truly run in now. During that time I adjusted the carburation, brought the main jet down slightly, there was quite a rich patch at about 1/8 to 1/4 throttle which required a weaker slide. November 2008 - Replaced Indian Gearbox During the restoration I retained the original gearbox, which was one of the oddball late Indian Vijay Super MkII efforts, this has a very low 1st gear and quite wide spaced ratio's on all the gears. However this was always with the intention of replacing it at a later stage; well that later stage has arrived and via ebay I have acquired an Li 150 gearbox for a good price. Using a 15/46 engine/clutch sprocket the gearing is virtually identical to standard GP200, although these do use an 18/47 engine/clutch sprocket arrangement to lighten the load on the clutch.
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