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There is unfortunately a shortage of images from the early eighties, however the next seven images form a sequence and follow what looks like a mixed Group race at Lydden from 1983. So on the start line we have 2 Mick Hayman, 3 Dave Webster, 6 Ralph Saxelby, 8 Unknown, 52 Dave Hayward, 74 Bob West, 4 Terry Frankland, also in the race but not in this shot was 111 Roly Caldecutt. With the race under way, first time round the hairpin and 111 Roly leads followed by 74 Bob West, 52 Dave Hayward, 2 Mick Hayman and 6 Ralph Saxelby. Lap 2 and Bob West has taken the lead, Roly is now down to second with the other places as before. Lap 3, Bob West is still in the lead and Dave Hayward has got passed Roly to take second place, Mick Hayman is still in fourth place. Lap 4 and the order is now Bob West out in front Dave Hayward second, Mick Hayman has now taken third with Roly back in fourth spot. The next shot unfortunately shows an early retirement for me from what was a great race, but that's racing. Final shot of the sequence shows the cause of my retirement, oh dear, some of my piston is missing!
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