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January 2007 I'm not really sure what rekindled my interest in Scooters, I have always maintained some level of interest and would occasionally flick through a Scooter magazine in Smiths and then since the internet arrived, surfed around to see what's happening on the racing scene etc. I haven't ridden a Scooter since 1983 when I retired from racing so I'm not sure if I am still going to enjoy the experience, however I have been enjoying working on a Lambretta again; must be a faulty gene somewhere I guess. Much has changed, even back in 1983 good quality secondhand Italian parts were plentiful and I don't believe complete secondhand Italian Lambretta's were that expensive either. Fast forward to 2007 and things are rather different. Having previously owned a GP200 which I bought new in November 1970 the plan is to again end up with a GP200 similar to my original machine. For me the major interest and enjoyment will be in the restoration itself and so I want to do all the work myself. I did not want to start off with a machine that just needed tarting up and of coarse budget was always going to be a major consideration and so for these reasons I decided to buy an imported Indian GP150. This was duly ordered from Resurrection Scooters at a cost of £500 in January 2007 and delivered a few days later. Here's what arrived.
I had been dealing with Bruce at Resurrection Scooters who selected the machine for me; you can go and choose yourself but Bruce advised me that I would probably get a better machine if he chose it. This is because if he sends out a bad one he then has to deal with the complaints, so this he tries very hard to avoid. I'm sure everyone will have their own opinion on whether or not what you get is value for money but given the way the market is I got pretty much what I expected and now refer to it as my £500's worth of Indian scrap metal. In addition to the Scooter itself you are also supplied with a new front mudguard, legshield and panel rubbers, front and rear light units and a speedometer, although I would have to say some of the items are not the best quality and so you make your own choice which parts you are happy to use. I guess I had better get started.........
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