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MY PAGES - 1980 to 83
1979 was a mixed bag, early development of the multi port 225 which was then put to one side so then I continued in Group 6 with the previous years engine and then some development of the Disc Valve 150. In terms of winning races and championships it was not a success, but it had been interesting and satisfying for other reasons. Through building and riding the 150 Disc Valve bike one thing I knew I wanted to do to my Group 6 bike for the 1980 season was to fit clip on's and rear set footrest's. The expansion box used on the Disc Valve 150 last year was one of a pair from a Yamaha Kart, which left a second one spare so this was grafted on to the 225 as well. This was without doubt my favourite 'incarnation' of my racing bike and so I'm possibly going to bore you with three images of it, here it is complete with home made petrol tank and seat.
So for the last few years of racing there were no radical changes to the bike, the multi port 225 was brought out of retirement during the 1983 season for a few meetings, but by the end of that year I decided to call it a day. I went to Mallory Park, the bike on a trailer, my car loaded with all that had been accumulated over the years and sold just about everything. Some lad from London bought my bike. I wonder if it is still out there somewhere? ..o0o..
Moving swiftly to 1983 a couple of shots in the paddock at Lydden, firstly myself and Geoff, who is looking rather serious with the two way radio, perhaps the burger bar has run out of burgers! The second photo looks like a plug check in progress; don't you just love the accessibility of a special!
For the 1980 season I continued to use a similar set up to the previous few years with a Powermax piston from a Greeves Griffon scrambler, although for 1982-3 I converted to a DT250 Yamaha piston. Various port timing set ups were used and always with a boost port. The Yamaha Kart expansion box and the Amal Mk II 34mm carb were used through to 1983 as was the ultra light flywheel which used a plastic fan from a three wheel Heinkel. Here's a shot from a wet practice at Lydden in 1980.
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