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MY PAGES - 1978
The basic formula for the engine in 1977 had proved successful using the Powermax piston from the Greeves Griffon scrambler so this was to again be the basis of the new engine for 1978. Chris also suggested adding a third transfer or boost port, so a completely new barrel was developed from scratch. This time 6mm was taken off the bottom of the barrel from the outset and 1mm off the top, which this time gave transfer timing of 124o, 2o less than last year, the inlet and exhaust both at 180o.   Because the walls of a 225 barrel are quite thin the barrel was silver soldered to add thickness where the boost port was ground in and the bottom ring was omitted from the piston and the ring groove welded at strategic points to stop gas short circuits; this was to allow the boost port aperture to be cut into the piston. All other aspects of the engine were the same as the 1977 season, cosmetically there were no changes.
There were the usual meetings at Lydden, Snetterton, Cadwell and Donington plus a new circuit introduced this year called Clay Pigeon in Dorset. 1978 was not such a successful year overall for Hampshire Union but we enjoyed the racing anyway. Having said that Alan Crickmore and Pete Hinsley won the Group 7 championship this year.
Ok so here's a shot of Geoff Stephens, Graham Oliver and myself sporting the numbers 2, 3 and 4 for the 1978 season, clearly a moustache is compulsory, fortunately the beard was optional. Second shot is at paddock bend Lydden and the third, again at Lydden but at the Festival of Speed in May of this year, exiting the hairpin.
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