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I believe it was 1978 when London Area Scooter Club Association (LASCA) started using Clay Pigeon racing circuit in Dorset. This was essentially a Kart circuit, but with it's many twists and turns it was very enjoyable to race there. The first shot is of Mick Hayman, the second shows Bob West sneaking up on the inside of me during a close battle in a group 6 race.
RACING 70’S & 80’S - 1978 to 1979
These next three shots are taken at Paddock Hill bend Lydden Hill, first one is of Ray Kemp. The next image is an excellent group shot of the 150 Specials as they come round Paddock Hill bend. Leading the group is 82 Dave Elsworth followed by 3 Graham Oliver, 5 Dave Webster, 78 George Pearce, don't know who the next rider is but it's Graham Best at the back of the group. The next image features 6 Mick Hayman and 5 Dave Webster in the 200cc Standards class also coming round Paddock Hill bend.


Moving on to 1979 and once again visiting Darley Moor, both these shots are taken at Paddock Bend, first one is of Steve Collett of Hampshire Union. The second shot is of me on Steve's bike in the specials race, just behind is Ralph Saxelby; I had actually entered on my own 150 Special which had Disc Valve induction but this broke down in practice so Steve was kind enough to lend me his bike. For more information on the Disc Valve 150 Special see 'My Pages'.
It would appear nobody associated with the combo racers could afford colour film, never mind here they are on the grid at Darley. 6 is Jenny Stevens and Allan Hillman, directly behind is Alan Crickmore and Pete Hinsley, to the right of Allan is Craig Fergusson. In the background you can see Roly Caldecutt making his way off the grid.
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