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The first task of coarse is to strip it down completely and reveal exactly what needs doing in the process of the restoration. First thing that came to light was the condition of the front forks which were rotten where the 'U' section is welded to the down-tube, see image. I also realised that there was no rear mudguard; time to talk to Bruce at Resurrection Scooters, who responded by offering to send out a set of replacement forks and a plastic mudguard. As I wanted to use 200 forks and a metal mudguard we did a deal to cover the difference in cost; one satisfied customer.
Getting it all apart didn't take too long and there were no major hassles encountered in the process, here's an image of most of the bits. With respect to the frame there were two other fairly major issues that needed to be addressed, one was the main strut supporting the legshields which had been repaired before by someone throwing weld at it from about two metres away. However this repair had not been very successful (no really?) and was again failing, so a new frame strut was welded in place by someone who can actually weld; take a bow Wes. The other issue was the legshields which after some time spent attempting to restore them I decided only a Nobel prize winning auto body repair person would be able to restore them to an acceptable standard; and that's not me, so I bought new ones. here's an image of the dodgy frame strut repair, which I'm afraid is a little out of focus.
After getting all the bodywork apart the engine was stripped, again no major problems here and in fact quite a lot of the original engine will not be used again because I am going to fit a new 200cc crankcase, barrel, carburetta, exhaust and fit electronic ignition.
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