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Sadly we lost Geoff in July of 2018 but he will of course be remembered by the many people who knew him. I always thought Geoff was a most unlikely charachter to have taken up scooter racing having been more of a ‘Greaser’ back in the day riding archetypal British machinary. He was however a formidable opponent on a scooter as he demonstrated in numerous classes. I first met Geoff on joining Hampshire Union in 1974 and very soon found that in contrast to a possibly gruff intimidating exterior was a warm and freindly guy. Geoff became known throughout the scooter racing fraternity not only for riding but for his involvement in all aspects of the sport and his passion for tuning. He excelled in all. It was a pleasure to have known Geoff - assembled here are a collection of photo’s I have collected from the 70’s and 80’s.
Donnington 1977
Lydden Festival of Speed 1977
Lydden 1978
Lydden Festival of Speed 1979
Darley Moor 1977
Lydden 1983